Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been tagged ...

Suzanne McDermott, a wonderful watercolor artist, has "tagged" me on her blog, Landscape into Art ( On Suzanne's blog I'm tagged along with four other artists ... I've looked at their blogs and am delighted to be in the same list with such accomplished art bloggers.
Being tagged means I need to list five things about myself and then tag five other artists ... It's a great way to encourage people to visit more art blogs.
So first, five things about me:

1. Today is my birthday!
2. I'm not as disciplined as I used to be (Exhibit 1: I spent all day trying to finish a job that I should have finished days ago!)
3. I find it really hard to think of five things to say about myself ... after two I was stymied.
4. I wish I could a) paint a tree like Andrew Wyeth, b) ice skate, c) have more cats.
5. The love and affection and support of all my good friends and my brothers, every single one of whom called to wish me well today, means more to me than anything and makes me feel very grateful and humbled.

Now for the easy part: recommending the sites of other artists whose work I enjoy.
First, I'd like to direct you to the websites of Jan Hart, whose New Mexico workshop I attended (and loved; see my archives) in October, and her son, Jay: and
I've been exploring numerous inspiring blogs (when I should have been working; see #2, above), and I hope I'm not violating any blogging etiquette by tagging these bloggers who I don't know personally, but I really enjoy their blogs and think you will too:,, and
And I have to add an honorable mention to the first blog I started visiting, the one that inspired me to create my own, and keeps inspiring me in so many ways, Sarah Wimperis's delightful

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Suzanne McDermott said...

Happy Birthday!!!! What a great gift to yourself! These sunflowers are luscious. And better to paint a tree as YOU would paint it than as Andrew Wyeth would. Threre's already been one of him and there's only one of you!

Laura Frankstone said...

Belated happy birthday!! Thank you so much for sending me the link to your wonderful blog! I love your work---you have such a free and fluid way with watercolors. Oh, and a great color sense, too! I have emailed you, btw.
Congratulations on your fantastic work!

laura said...

Thank you Suzanne and Laura; this support from the blogosphere is exhilarating! I appreciate your taking the time to view my blog and to comment.