Friday, October 13, 2006

wednesday 10-11

This week our model was Megan. I have only painted her once before, about a year ago (will find and post that painting, which, up to that time, and maybe to this, was, I think, one of my most successful efforts), but she is one of my favorites. You can't tell from these sketches, but she has a lovely face with dark eyes, upturned nose, and Cupid's bow lips--she looks like she could have modeled for Degas or Cezanne. Above are two pages of 2-minute poses wherein our instructor, Bonnie, wanted us to try to capture the central line of the body.

And here are two 20-minute poses, where we were trying to integrate figure and background, by pulling colors from the model into the background and vice versa. I'm sorry these photographs don't really show the lighter colors! My flash is too strong ... I'll try rephotographing them.
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