Sunday, January 13, 2019


Photos from a birdwalk I took yesterday with NJ Audubon. 3 hours in 30 degree temps. I almost didn't go, but it wasn't windy so I thought it might not be bad, and ot wasnt, far from it.
We saw 25 kinds of birds, mostly ducks and seabirds, but they were too far away to photogrsph.
But I was equally impressed with the dunes! Such beautiful winter colors. If I were a weaver ...


Barbara Muir said...

Oh I see what you mean. I can see the dunes in paintings by you.
Gorgeous shots.

XOXOXOXOXO Happy New Year!


Barbra Joan said...

Thanks for the visit Laura, been looking for you.
Sometimes life does get in the way, I don't work anymore, but I know what that's like..
Hope to see a painting from you soon..

laura said...

Thank you, Barbra Joan.
I haven't been painting much, but even when I do, I don't seem to be able to post! And I haven't figured out how to fix it!