Friday, December 14, 2018

gilly & arya

Not as pleased with this as I had hoped to be.
I was trying to concentrate on shapes of values, and, to some degree, I think that worked.
But where it fails is in expressiveness, generally, but specifically in their faces.
At least I painted today--have been somewhat lax the last week or so.
Back to the drawing board.


Jo MacKenzie said...

I respond to the rich colors . This has a lot of power in the forms and works as an abstract piece equally well. the colors are bursting and just on the edge of being out of control but they are carefully handled.

marnold said...

Arya looks like a wild thing. Love the intensity of her colors, the value changes, and the soft and hard edges.

laura said...

Thank you, Jo, for seeing the plusses!
Sometimes, in my haste/anxiety I get ahead of myself and lose the things I want to keep.
But it's all a learning experience.
ps I tried to put some cerulean in my darks!

laura said...

Thank you, Mike. Both of these girls are wild!

Barbara Muir said...

I love it. I love their pose. Perfect!