Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer flowers

Had an unusual weather event here this week: a microburst, which, if I understand correctly, is a small area of dangerously high winds. My back neighbor's maple blew over into my yard; another neighbor's cedar was struck by lightning! I was lucky: my insanely huge and close to the house elm was unscathed.
Lost some deck furniture, and some deck, but otherwise, all's well.
Getting my exercise these last days seeing and hauling broken tree limbs.
A few flowers here and there in the yard.
Hoping to paint the lilies before there all done.


Carol said...

Beautiful & fresh painting!
We haven't had any rain here. It all traveled to the south of us.

debwardart said...

Glad you're OK! Love the freshness of your painting style.

Margaret said...

I am so impressed. Light filled and delightful.

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you are okay - those microbursts can be as bad as a tornado tearing off roof shingles and taking down limbs and power lines. These paintings are FRESH and beautiful!!

nknana3 said...

We've had what we call wind sheers come through our area. They, too, can do a lot of damage. Your painting is so beautiful...I love the flowers and your glass container....the colors are awesome!!

laura said...

Thank you, everyone. I felt very relaxed--sitting on the deck, for once not thinking about everything else I should be doing--when I painted these. Maybe that's the key!

jane said...

I think these paintings are stunning! So glad you are back on line.


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