Saturday, August 17, 2013

plein air thursday

(7x12 Fabriano Rough)

(7x12 Fabriano Rough)
Thursday we were invited to paint at a house overlooking Cape May Harbor: in one direction, fishing boats; in the other, moored sailboats and kids taking lessons at the Yacht Club.
I decided to paint small(ish) so I wouldn't be too overwhelmed.
The challenge was to paint all that stuff behind the boats! Things that I couldn't really see, a lots of boat masts and rigging that I didn't want to even attempt to paint around ... Next time, I will make the boats bigger and leave out more of what surrounds them.
Our group also talked a lot of John Singer Sargent and the way he depicted water--often with an underpainting with just a few swipes to represent ripples ... I find it's easy to overdo it.
This is my favorite part of what I did:

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