Sunday, May 19, 2013

what to do ...

when you don't feel up to or can't paint: make drawings for paintings--

and take pictures to paint later: 
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Barbara Muir said...

Great suggestions. Sometimes I just make drawings for themselves.

Love your drawings and picture.

XO Barbara

Celia Blanco said...

These will be wonderful as paintings one day. Great ideas!

MILLY said...

I have just enjoyed looking at lots of your beautiful paintings. You have such a lovely style, love the watery paint and freshness you achieve in your paintings. The flowers and containers with spring flowers are so nice, you have captured a spring garden so beautifully.

Harra said...

I think tips like these are the most useful of all. So many times when we don't feel up to the challenge of painting, but need to stay creative. The other thing I do in times like these is use inexpensive blank notepaper to "doodle". Most of my results are good enough to add to my packet for future greeting cards (my own, not to be sold), so at least my time is not totally wasted.

Judy said...

Hey, you're back! So good to see your wonderful watercolors again, I especially love your flowers. Those lilacs... fabulous! I guess I stopped following you when you were not posting for a while, but I am following again!


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