Friday, May 24, 2013

spring blooms (of 2012)

These are from last year ... I got the daffodil one out to see how I managed to paint white daffodils in the past, since I've been struggling with them lately.

"Struggle" has a recurring theme the last couple of weeks: I think I've just had too much work to do, and while I can find time to sit down to paint for an hour or so, I can't find the concentration or mental energy to do it well, or perhaps I should say to achieve what I want to achieve.
 I may change tack until my work schedule opens up a bit and spend that hour either drawing or painting things, like skies, that can't turn out "wrong."
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Anonymous said...

I've been trying for some time to paint white flowers - daisies - with no success. Always looks pasted onto the background. It's the background I find difficult. White flowers take a special skill and you are good at it.

Mercedes Ares said...

Muy linda la magnolia liliflora, parece real!!! Saludos

Barbara Muir said...

I think we all do this. Sometimes when I'm having trouble with a painting I get a portrait I like and put it in my studio. It helps. I love your work. Maybe it you could give yourself permission to work slowly. An hour here and there. It all adds up. I love your work this year. Love!

You inspire me.

XO Barbara

Polly Birchall said...

Lovely paintings

Diana said...

They look good to me..I know what you mean though I do struggle we all do, just keep painting and I toss the ones I don't like. love,Diana

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, the struggles don't show.
I'm hoping you continue on as what I'm seeing is as good as it gets.
I know time plays a big part in our lives. I don't have that problem, I just don't have the expertise you do.
Your work is truly special, I look at a lot of art, and there has always been something about yours that brings me back and back . Even when you were not here for a while , I looked for your work..
I think you've come back better than ever...Your work pleases so many. Even your small studies are admired. Barbra Joan