Thursday, May 16, 2013

good intentions ...

 (4x6) 2nd try
My veterinarian's birthday was last week, so I wanted to paint a little birthday card for him ... I thought it would be easy, but it ended in frustration. No good deed goes unpunished!
I did finally do one that I figured would have to do and sent it off before I could second-guess myself ... or photograph it.
 (4x6) 1st try

Speaking of unrewarded good deeds: I have to apologize for not getting around to  respond to comments left on the blog this past week; after the workshop, I have been spending nearly all my time trying to catch up on all the (paying) work I should have been doing while I was out painting.
Next: catch up on blog-hopping.
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1 comment:

Barbara Muir said...

I love what you've done, and your generosity in letting us know that even a superb artist like you are gets frustrated.

Lucky vet.

XO Barbara