Thursday, May 23, 2013

first tries

I chose both of these photos because the inside of the jars, in both cases, looked relatively simple with shapes I could see ... But I messed them both up right away, and then compounded the error by trying to "fix" them and losing any freshness they had.
I'm going to try them both again though: I would really like to be able to paint transparent glass.
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Anonymous said...

I think both of these are beautiful and don't see at all how you 'messed' them up....
I like the first one better and think it looks like I could take the flowers out and hold a sweet little glass, the second on I would have like to see a hint of the stems above the water, but that's all.
Can't wait to see the next ones, but just to see the differences.
peace n abundance,

Barbara Muir said...

I agree Laura,

I can't see how you've messed up. They are wonderful. Love what you've done, and always do.

XO Barbara

RH Carpenter said...

I don't see that anything is messed up about these. When I saw the first one, I thought, WOW. You've really got some good depth in the centers and the colors are clean and lovely and the water and glass look right to me - not wrong or muddy or anything.

Barbra Joan said...

I know YOU think you messed up, but Laura we are never happy. !!
You asked about the glass museum?
Sorry to be so late, I'm still away but The Chiluly Glass Museum is in Seattle , actually right under the Space Needle...There is no describing it , even after seeing many photos my
jaw dropped. The lighting and shear volume of work there is amazing..
Will be back to Florida in a couple weeks , but I'm still in touch via my netbook, just not as much..
OHHHH ! how I miss the Sun.. !!


Mercedes Ares said...

Hermosas acuarelas!!! Felicitaciones. Saludos!!

carin.c said...

I think the glass in the first image came out very nicely transparent! Keep at it!