Tuesday, April 30, 2013

lemons and white jug

This was a happy accident. I was going to paint this setup on a fresh piece of white paper when I saw a sheet that I had at some time toned with aureolin-permanent rose-cobalt blue washes and decided to use it instead.

More with the lemons, and a great little jug I got on eBay.

I thought this painting needed something behind the white jug, so I added this little strip of cloth ... Not particularly happy with the result, but I am happy that I tried something! 
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Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Laura. Finding and using the toned paper was such a serendipitous event. You created such a beautiful painting!

Diana said...

beautiful, Laura so glad you are back.. love,Diana

Liana Yarckin said...

LOVE your happy accident! But, I think the superb way you handled the colors in the shadows is what makes it sing!

Katherine Thomas said...

I'm guessing it wasn't an accident at all, just your subconscious knowhow kicking in to do what you know would be effective in your art. I love the way you put colors together and the effects you achieve. These last two pieces would be so perfect hanging in my kitchen. They are full of sunshine and good feelings.

Barbara Muir said...

Love these. I think the cloth works -- it gives the painting strength. Plus love the jug -- my favorite shape. I have an unwieldy collection of jugs.

XO Barbara

bluoso said...

Ciao Laura, sempre molto belli i tuoi lavori ma soprattutto ammiro i colori della tua tavolozza che sono splendidi e unici. La tua sensibilità per l'acquerello è straordinaria, in 'Limoni e brocca bianca' la luce pervade i colori e crea un'atmosfera intensissima.


your happy accident is brilliant laura ! ... it sings