Thursday, March 08, 2012

another (old) dpw challenge

From a reference photo at DPW.
I couldn't get this photo to appear as it really is: it's a bit too dark here ... which unfortunately really shows up how I overworked the shadows under the eggs--couldn't get that "glow" right. I think I was struggling between what I saw--light--and what my brain told me should be there--dark (i.e., shadow).
I'll do it again--and this time tell my brain to butt out!
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RH Carpenter said...

This doesn't look overworked at all! It looks fresh and lovely and great colors, too.

Egle said...

I agree with RH Carpenter, i think it's gorgeous, beautiful light effects and colours.

Diana said...

I too agree with RH ,the colors are lovely and so light. Beautiful,Love,Diana

Judy said...

It does not look overworked to me either. Wonderful colors!

Barbara M. said...

I think it's perfect, lush and evocative.

XO Barbara

renate said...

It's beautiful Laura! Don't shut off your brain to much:)

Studio at the Farm said...

I love the bright and fresh colors. And we all have to tell our analytical brains to butt out when we're sketching and painting! :)

Marva said...

I love this!!! Your colors compliment each other beautifully!!!


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