Sunday, February 05, 2012

slow starts

Two paintings I've been nervously dabbing away at ... I wish I could just sit down and keep at them until they were done, but I keep hesitating. On the portrait it's pure fear: I'm just afraid of making mistakes. On the boats, although the water may already be overworked, there isn't much left to do ... I think I'll make it.
My teacher Marie Natale has asked me to contribute a couple of paintings to a show in Cape May in April-May and I have been planning to complete a couple of paintings of boats, hoping they'll find a (buying) audience.

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cathyswatercolors said...

Ah the fear place we all get to when painting. The portrait is beautiful,i understand the feeling you have. Sometimes when i am feeling that way i add color to a scrap paper and place them next to the painting, or i do as you are doing, walk past and think, and then there are those times where i dive in fearlessly ..... all hell breaks loose:) Enjoy ! congrats on the show.

renate said...

Hello Laura. I reconize this feeling too! Days walking along the painting and then: it's there and you will finish the painting the same day!:) I think it's going to be a perfect painting just like the boats. So far it's real nice. Just keep going! Lots of succes with your show!

Barbara M. said...

Both are super. Isn't 2012 the year we abandon doubt? You can. Your work is always wonderful.

XO Barbara

Diana said...

Your work is always wonderful. Just do it! It will be lovely!love,Diana

Watercolorist said...

The boats are great. I like the way you chose to not paint the whole subject. The partial statement is more effective and creates a mood. I admire you for doing portraits. I always stay clear of them because I'm not that good at it.


that's great you've been asked to exhibit two of your paintings laura ... love the portrait at this stage.


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