Thursday, February 16, 2012

a nos pinceaux challenge

From a reference at A nos pinceaux. I love this pitcher, so Cezanne-ish. I spent much of last night trying to acquire one like it on eBay. No luck there, but I will be scouring the consignment shops.

(in progress)
I'm going to be included in a group show in Cape May in April and have begun to draw and paint some boat- or shore-related works in hopes of selling and being asked back.
This one is nearly done, I think, but it needs something ... Right now, I don't know what!

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Judy said...

Oh your daffodils are so good! I love them!

Evhe said...

I love your little story about the pitcher,
Now I will see it differently :)
btw,very nice colors in your watercolor!

Diana said...

HI Laura, your daffodils are lovely and the way you captured them so free. I'd like mine to be freer.
I love your boats. If it were me I'd put a tiny bit more shadow in the bottom of the 2nd boat from the bottom (even if it wasn't there just for interest) and put some of that dark blue in the water behind that boat going out of the paper. Just to draw their eyes. It's lovely just like it is. See what you think before you do it. love,Diana

renate said...

Hello Laura:) Beautiful daffodils! The almost orange heart looks very warm.
About the boats. I agree with Diana. I little bith of depth maybe. (I often forget to do it myself).

Meera Rao said...

such beautiful and colorful daffodils and boats!

Barbra Joan said...

It's your boats that got me !

Joyfulartist said...

I love the dafs, I find them difficult but you make them look so fresh. I agree with the others to darken the values in the boat bottom(s), it was my first thought before I read the comments so we must be onto something.

A Brush with Color said...

Glanced through a ton of your posts that I've missed, Laura--beautiful! Good luck with the show--your work will sell, I'm sure! It all looks wonderful. I know what you mean about too many influences and feeling stymied...

I've had several deaths in my family and have been absent for ages. I hope to get back to things soon--you'll inspire me.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

I love both paintings. Is that a Victorian jug. I am an absolute freak for jugs -- have collected them to the point that I now must stop.
The shape looks Victorian.
The simplicity and yet radiant colour in the boats is wonderful.

XO Barbara