Monday, February 20, 2012

magnolias preview

More magnollias, from photos. I can't wait for my magnolias to bloom this year--I now have two.
I started this intending to paint a dark background to make the flowers look whiter, but decided the background space was too large and just added some leaf shapes to define some edges.

A couple of smaller studies done earlier.

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JoAnn said...

Just beautiful, even the "studies".

Barbra Joan said...

These are wonderful Laura. I do like the dark backgrounds on the smaller ones.
I've always liked painting white flowers, so much you can do with them.
ok now to see if I can post this.
the new verification words are just too hard to handle, I've never had them on my blog, but so many people do .. They;ve made it so difficult that I've cut down my comments. I'll still be checking your work though... hugs, BJ

Мира said...

Beautiful and airy! They are very gentle on a white background.


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