Tuesday, June 07, 2011

stand aside

I love this woman's nautical-themed sweater. I feel I put too much in the eyeglass lenses--it's not too bad, if you don't look close! And, now that I see the photo, I intend to soften the shapes and tone down the sienna on the right. I had planned to do more in the hair ... but why muck it up?
On the other hand, this poor lady looks like she's convalescing from a fall down the stairs. I may be able to save her though.
And here's a painting I just began, based on a photo by my friend and teacher, Marie. This is my point of mental exhaustion. I've noticed that lately I often stop rather than painting right on through to the end.

Sue and I had a brief email exchange today in which I verbalized something that has been poking around the periphery for awhile: I was thinking in relation to three of my teachers whose paintings, even when they "fail" on some level, still "succeed," that if you 1) get the paint:water ratio right and 2) go at it with a lack of anxiety or fear, you are bound to produce something pleasing because you are not getting in the way of the watercolor itself.

That's my new goal: to stand aside!
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Melanie said...

thanks for your comments on my blog - it's been a long while since i was blogging and i am so happy to be back!

I so agree with your assessment... i'm trying to stand aside too :)

I love all of these - but especially the bird. it really speaks to me - i love the shadow colors on his breast. lovely.

jane minter said...

marie is looking excellent laura ..i really like the angle

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I too like all three....I especially like the hair of the top person.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think all three are just amazing, Laura. I too can't paint/draw through. I always stop when I get fatigued. Alas, sometimes a piece will take me several weeks at my pace.

hfm said...

Love your work!


Emilee said...

Your work is beautiful! Great advise, too: stand aside. I love it. And your blog is fantastic! I am finding that I experience a lot of the same feelings and problems that you do, so it's great to read your wise words and know that I am not alone. It's very encouraging. Thanks, Laura!

RH Carpenter said...

I think you are definitely succeeding but you don't see the beauty in your own works - thank goodness you have all your viewers to tell you!! ha ha Honestly, beautiful watercolors seem to flow from your brush and I love how uncomplicated they seem (although I know you stress over them). If we could all just get out of the way, watercolor would do its work for us (but not an easy thing for us to do - I'm speaking from experience and overworking many many paintings). My word verification was halted and I think you halted just in time :)


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