Sunday, June 12, 2011

little practice

(3x5 Strathmore journal)
A view from a window in Pennsylvania. These evergreens, with branches that grow straight out from the trunk, break up the space nicely.

(3x5 handmade journal)

I'm going to be practicing with my little travel kit more in preparation for a return visit to New Mexico in October. Four years ago I met my friend Shelby in Jan Hart's workshop; this fall we're going back, and my bff from high school who just started watercolor painting, Robin, will be coming too!
Robin and I plan to stay in Chimayo, a center of weaving, and to stay for a few days after the workshop to visit pueblos and hike Ghost Ranch. Finally taking a trip together. Next year: Victoria, BC?

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Hildebrand Memorial Library said...

The play between light and dark values and the colors you've chosen really work well together here. It's lively and the eye can look and look and continue to discover pleasing aspects of this "little practice". Love that title too btw. Vancouver? You betcha ;)

RH Carpenter said...

This sounds like such fun, travelling with friends to a workshop - and Jan's work is amazing (I've thought about her New Mexico workshops, too, but never have taken one - let us know all about it when you return). I like your travel journal wc sketches, too - getting ready for commemorating the trip :) Maybe all 3 of you could keep a journal of the trip and compare when you're back home?

A Brush with Color said...

These are great, Laura! How fun that your friends are painting, too. I've been to Victoria, and it's gorgeous--you'll love it up there. Can't wait to see what else you come up with--these little gems are wonderful.

AutumnLeaves said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Hope you girls have a great time. Love this little treasure of a painting too.


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