Sunday, August 30, 2009

unplanned haitus

I wasn't planning to ever post this painting because I made it from a photo I found on the Net (Google Images, I think)--the only thing I changed was the boat names. (While I'll use a photo in this way for my own use, to practice, because I like the image, I normally wouldn't share the result; it's a grayish area, I think, and I feel sheepish about it.)
One day during my spring workshop we were supposed to paint people, and this was the only photo with people, small as they are, I had.
But, I haven't posted, or painted, in a while, so I just wanted to post something and say I hope I'll be back to regularly painting soon, and to thank everyone who wrote check up on me.
All's well with me, but my mother got a compound fracture in her ankle, and she and my dad have required my help, affecting, for now, my time and desire to paint. Help is on the way though and I'll probably be back to posting regularly after Labor Day.
So, enjoy the rest of your summer; see you in the fall.
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JoAnn said...

As someone who had a compound ankle and leg fracture ten years ago, I can tell you how reassuring it must be for your mother to have your help. Hope she heals well.

Love the boats!

Charlene Brown said...

Thanks for the update -- I have missed your colourful experiments and your stories about them -- it's good to know you'll be back soon. Sure am sorry to hear the reason for your time off from painting though, and hope your mother makes a good recovery.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

This is beautiful. I'm so sorry about your mother. She is really lucky to have your help. I am wishing her a quick recovery and you a quick return to your beautiful art.

Take care,


Judith Mercado said...

Once again, Laura, one of your paintings takes my breath away. I hope after your time as loving caretaker that you can take care of yourself lovingly now.

lolly-jolly said...

it is beautiful!

Ruth said...

Awful for your mom. I wish her well.

The painting is stunning, the boats gorgeous.

Carla, i colori...pensieri della mia mente. said...

Bellissimo!!! Molto molto bello davvero!

RHCarpenter said...

It's a shame this is someone else's photo because this is a gorgeous painting - so much that is so right about watercolor is working in this one! Sorry to hear about your mother and do hope all works out and you're back painting more often soon.

Cathy Gatland said...

Laura, I'm sorry the reason for your absence is a rather unhappy one, but your parents must be very glad to have you there. I hope your Mom makes a full recovery soon.
The painting is glorious - the sunlight on those figures just perfect - its hardly a slavish copy of a photo, is it - very much a watercolour interpretation!

Sharon said...

Laura, This beach painting has a wonderful, sunny glow to it. (And it reminds me how much I need a weekend at the Oregon coast!) Hope the cavalry provides some much needed relief and assistance for you.

Sherry said...

Laura, this is just lovely. I love the way you handled the water, and the shapes of the boats call out to me.

I know how you feel about using other people's photos. I prefer to use my own too, but sometimes it just is too much to find the right source material and photograph it. I posted a painting today that isn't my own design at all. It's an exercise from another painter. But I figure if I say what it is up front, and give credit where it's due, it's OK, especially since I never plan to sell the piece.

I need to go back and see what happened with your mother. Sounds like you are being a caregiver these days. Take care, Laura.

A Brush with Color said...

Hope she's recuperating nicely! And I'm glad you're ok, Laura. I've also been gone from the blogging world, lately--I'm heading out on the road next week, and am going to make efforts to paint in hotels at night. See you in the fall, yes! I love this painting--beautiful colors!

Art with Liz said...

Nice to see you back Laura - and all the best with the family!

Mark McC said...

Hi Laura,

It may be someone else's photo, but it's your painting all the way and it's lovely. If it had been my photo, I would have been honored to have had you "borrow" it.

I hope your mother is doing better, and look forward to the return of the prodigal blog.

xxxx M

shicat said...

Sorry to hear about your parents. It's always important to take care of thoses we love.

Having said that I am looking forward to your posts. You were missed.

love love love the new header and the painting... how do you do that???? love it.

Vicki Greene said...

I have enjoy my visit to your blog and look forward to seeing more of your work. You have a wonderful way with water.

Sally said...

I think it's perfectly fine to post a painting that you did from a public photo resource as long as you state that it is from one, just like you did. This is my first visit to your blog...I love your paintings.

Mineke Reinders said...

Sorry I missed this when you posted it. It's beautiful! I've missed your paintings. I hope your mother is doing better now. I wouldn't worry about using other people's images for reference except for possible copyright issues. Either use something that's in the public domain, or get the photographer's permission. Just a word to the wise - I love what you did with it.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Laura, your figures are wonderful.. you are always an inspiration!!! thank you!!


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