Saturday, August 23, 2008

the setup

This is a half sheet (15x22) divided into four 7.5x11 sections, on which I've lightly drawn shapes from my Cape Henlopen dune photos.


The long sheet, 6x16, divided into four 4x16 sections, on the side was an afterthought. Looking at Porter and Turner I thought I'd try to concentrate on shapes, not details. The plan is to paint these smaller ones first--across the room from the photos! So (below, two sections) I've drawn in the general shapes, especially the dark shapes.
Once I've painted these smaller ones, I'll go back and work on the larger ones.

... Probably not today though! For some reason--maybe because everyone's out of the house--I'm devoting the day to cooking: mixed pickles, hummus and baba ganouj, chicken, and carrot cake, and pitchers of Mojitos!

Reminder: The photo reference for this month's Virtual Sketch Date has been posted today. I really enjoyed participating in this last month; take a look and join in!

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A Brush with Color said...

I can't wait to see how these develop. Love watching anything in progress like this. Thanks for posting these!

Peter said...

Hey Laura

I wandered over from my blog and am truly inspired by yours...

Great vivd colours you have in your paintings. I don't think I'd bother painting a car either...

Look forward to seeing how your development of these shapes pan out.

Greetings from New Zealand

Cathy Gatland said...

Wonderful to see this process begin and look forward to watching it progress. (I've been asked to do a landscape, which is not my forte, so I'm very interested!) - hope the cooking day was fun!

Annelein said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your consistent comments on my blog. Love to see the process/progress set-ups...when I'm not creating in the studio I'm in the kitchen as well!

Don said...

I enjoy watching the processes you go through with your talents. I also love the menu!


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