Friday, August 29, 2008

low tide

An experiment in glazing ... The paper's getting fatiqued, so I'll stop for now.
I used a photo from my trip to Lewes, Del., earlier in the summer for a Jan Hart workshop, and I followed the directions in Jan's demo on her website.
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Mineke Reinders said...

Interesting experiment, I like the softness of the colors, there is a glow to them that gives this a peaceful atmosphere. Did you like the process? I get very frustrated when trying to glaze, much as I'd like to produce those lovely shimmering results, I don't have the patience. Will you do more to this? It could be finished...

laura said...

It is hard to resist add more color until the previous wash is dry; I'm impatient. I'm also not a planner ... But I agree I am like the luminous light. I usually just start painting! But it would be nice to choose different methods to suit different subjects ... I think I may tone down the blue near the horizon and otherwise leave it alone. Maybe do another instead.

shicat said...

Laura, I love the subject matter,it's very dream like. I paint rather impulsively as well. It is more fun and less a job. But I do often scold myself for being this way. Ah, another new goal!


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