Sunday, August 03, 2008


I read about these pens at Laurelines and ordered a set; they came earlier in the week and I thought it was about time I tried them out. I can see potential for combining runny washes with line! To see them used to their best advantage, though, you should visit Laurelines.

A week of wheel-spinning where work is concerned: I keep working and working, but the pile of paper never diminishes! It happens sometimes and is tiring and stupefying--hence no blog posts this week!

Peter's uncle Tim died and we'll be driving to Quebec for the funeral Tuesday. Peter's mother, Mary Pat, who died this time last year at home of breast cancer, grew up in Quebec with her sister, Ann, and five brothers. Her four brothers (Emmett died some time ago; I never met him)--Brian, Tim, Mike, and Kevin Kelly--have been coming down to the Jersey Shore for a long weekend of fishing and visiting the past couple of summers. They're charming, delightful, old-world-ish gentlemen, always arriving bearing gifts, and full of compliments and kindness and fun. Tim, especially, had something life-enhancing about him, and was definitely possessed of the luck of the Irish: widowed with six small children, lovely, elegant Catherine married him and helped raise his children. She has been with him every day in these last months as he struggled to recover from a stroke, and was with him when he died yesterday.
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laureline said...

Laura, I'm sorry to read of the death of your husband's uncle. He sounds a charming and lovely and lucky person, as you all were lucky to have had him in your family. I send you my condolences.
I love seeing what you did with your Sai watercolor brushpens---they're fun and sort of quirky, aren't they?
Take care,

laura said...

Thank you, Laura. We call Peter's Kelly uncles, collectively, simply "The Uncles"--and that's how I think of them.
The pens are quirky--that's the perfect word ... I look forward to experimenting with them; I think it will be especially fun to try them on different papers (the paper I used here was HP watercolor paper--something even slicker (Yupo?) might be good).

Vivienne said...

My sympathy too, Laura and Peter. It is sad to see the older generation go. We sisters have only 2 aunts left, one from each side. Our Dad was one of 9, and Mum of 3.And our (scattered)children are having families later than we did, I fear they will not experience the kind of pleasure you describe so poignantly.
I love your use of the pens.. they look like fun.Quirky bird! We have quite a limited range of art supplies here, but I'll look out for them too.

laura said...

Thank you, Vivienne. My own grandparents all died when I was young, and I come from a small (and dwindling!) family. I have been fortunate to hook up with the prolific and family-minded Kellys; they have a reunion every other year! So many cousins and second-cousins--I just love it!
I got my Sai pens through mail-order, as I get all my art supplies, at JetPens ...

Cathy Gatland said...

Oh yes, these pens look much more interesting than mine - will just have to do a mail-order sometime and HOPE the P.O. delivers!
Condolences and best wishes for your trip to Quebec and the family gathering - big extended families are such a mutual comfort as well as being fun in the good times!

shicat said...

Laura, My condolences for your lose. These times are always difficult.....

I love the colors in the poppies, almost pastel looking.Love color,love color,love color.

Gail said...

Laura, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Take care.
Thanks for the info on the watercolor brushpens I will have to try them.

Bill Evertson said...

Sorry for your family's loss. It sounds like Uncle Tim had a special place for you and your husband.

Robertkelly said...

Thank-you very mutch for mentioning my Dad and for travelling up to Montreal last week.
Our Philelphia cousens were and are very special to us,When we visited when we were younger we always had A fantastic memorable time,even if we got into trouble from time to time.
Robert Kelly

laura said...

Hi Robert. To hear Peter tell it, the times you got into trouble were the most memorable! We're hoping we can get some of you Kellys down here next summer for camping and memory- and trouble-making.


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