Thursday, August 21, 2008

the facts: copies of fairfield porter

Watercolor crayon (Neocolor).
I just liked the colors in this one, the triangle of blue, and how Porter didn't make the trees naturalistic, something I always strive for and never achieve. Maybe I should stop striving (for naturalism anyway).

I love this one for all the unpainted areas. Blank paper is beautiful, and expressive.

I left out the yawl!
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Cathy Gatland said...

Just love those blank spaces - space to breathe, and imagine. Having just spent a week filling every inch of blank paper, these are a such a relief!

Brent Perkins said...

In our feeble attempts to imitate nature, white paper is the nearest we can come to replicating pure light.

Vivienne said...

They are masterly, aren't they? It is the combination of pure white and the darkest marks, and then the pure clear colour that move me, so the middle one of these 3 - and those cars. So clever.

laura said...

Hi Cathy. It's funny how--at least I experience this, and I think you do too from your comment--whatever we're doing/style we're using, we end up being attracted to its opposite! Simple perversity, or is it what keeps us moving forward and trying?

Good point, Brent. In life drawing once I determined to leave whatever was lightstruck white, untouched paper--those were the best life studies I ever did!

Hi Vivienne. Yes, I love the restraint and thought that leaving something untouched implies. Too often, in my own painting I try to achieve abandon--sometimes it yields a decent painting, most often not. Perhaps a balance between restraint and abandon is what I want.


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