Tuesday, June 17, 2008

two-day workshop in Lewes

My friend Shelby, who I met last fall in New Mexico at a Jan Hart watercolor workshop, arranged and hosted a workshop with Jan at her place in Lewes last week. It was a four-day workshop, but I could only be there for two; I'm so glad I was able to get there. It's always fun to spend time with Shelby and Carol and it was great to see Jan again; she's a lovely person and a great teacher (check out her book and website--I recommend both).
(3x5 Moleskine)

(3x5 Moleskine)
Shelby, an intuitive and fearless painter, brought together a great group of artists for the workshop, including herself, Carol, Betsy, Lori, Ann, and Joanne. I wish I had taken some pictures of their paintings to post here! I'll ask them to email some to post--I think you'd enjoy seeing what they did. It's always such a revelation to see how differently people approach their paintings. One subject--a bowl full of seashells Shelby collected--turned out to be especially challenging for everyone, but what a wonderful variety of really great paintings resulted.
#1 (11x15)

#2 (11x15)
Two paintings of the same dune scene in Cape Henlopen State Park. What a beautiful place ... It's at the point of a small peninsula hooking up into the Delaware Bay. The deep blue shadow on the dune was what attracted me to the scene, but the dune grasses and scrubby bushes were frustrating!
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Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting these — they're wonderful. Each time I think I have a favorite, I decide I like another!

Jan Hart said...

Thanks for your post, your presence at the workshop and your wonderful paintings! What a terrific group of creative individuals! I'm already hoping to do it again next June!

And, some great paintings by Lori, too!

Pura vida!

laura said...

Thanks, Suzanne. I'm glad you like them!

Hi Jan! Thank you for such a great workshop: you are totally inspiring! It'd be great to do it again next year--I'm sure we can talk Shelby into it! ;-)


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