Friday, June 27, 2008

trumpet vine

I took a little time this morning to start painting a couple of sprigs of trumpet vine I picked yesterday on my bike ride; these vines grow wild all over the place here. I love them--the shape and the color. I planted one a couple of years ago, and while the foliage is really growing well, I haven't gotten any flowers.
When I used to ride my bike to Cape May Point, this time of year I'd pick my "Jersey roadside bouquet": wild orange tiger lilies, pink sweet pea, Queen Anne's lace, and blue flax.
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Cloudscome said...

I love this one. I brings back my summers at the Jersey shore. I want to get a trumpet vine for my yard.

Bill Evertson said...

Hi Laura- your latest works are very nice. I use this word a little on the mean side, because it pains me to be critical of another blogger. Nice, like you are, as good as any watercolor artist out there. Just take another step. Add something-take a letterpress class-add some words. Add an angry brush to the woods. You are at a cusp in your watercolor career. Make your most/moist art.I know you will. Best, Bill

laura said...

Hi Cloudscome--thanks for commenting; I lke you blogs--and forwarded one to my friend Robin, who's also a poet and a librarian!

Hi Bill. I know what you mean, Bill. I'd like to go further, take it somewhere else, but I think it has to happen organically: I can't push or pull myself--maybe I'll never get there ... Right now I don't have much energy/inspiration for painting: it's interesting that you picked up on it!

Don said...

hi laura, i love the idea of the bike ride and the flower collection as a child and now as an adult. the colors are so nice and pleasing to the eye.

Lindsay said...

Laura these are just beautiful!

laura said...

Hi Don. I always feel like a kid jumping off my bike and half-guiltily breaking off some wildflowers.

Thanks, Lindsay. Orange is such an appealing color; I find myself drawn to all shades of orange!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Ooooo, I love this one too. Your flowers have such a delicate and translucent nature..


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