Tuesday, June 03, 2008



These are true sketches: a trying out of how I would go about painting a strawberry, as a prelude to a more considered composition. I painted these quickly and as freely as I could, with no drawing; trying to leave the whites without fretting over them.
I painted these on the porch, which was shady, but I'd like to take them out into the sun and leave the lightstruck parts white, as I've seen done so beautifully in so many paintings of strawberries.
I'll have to buy another pint though because I ate these.
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Mineke Reinders said...

These sketches are wonderful, Laura! I love the little specks of white, and of course your glorious colors. I love how you blend the red of the strawberries with purples shadow colors, and that bit of blue in the middle of the bottom sketch (cobalt?) is pure genius! When you buy another pint, take them into the sun, I'd like to see how you do that, too, but this is beautiful.

Cathy Gatland said...

These are just sparkling and luscious looking - I love your quick sketches of these, and the grapes - can't really think how they could be improved with more consideration! Your colours are so clear...do you use Schmincke paints? (I see a corner of a box in your sketch of brushes...)

Ruth said...

I agree, I don't see room for improvement. I hope they tasted as good as they look.

laura said...

Hi Mineke. Thanks; I added those touches of (yes) cobalt at the very last; I must have been thinking of Suzanne when I did it!

Hi Cathy. Thanks! I painted these in my Moleskine (about 5x7) and was wishing I had had a bigger piece of paper: I think having more space for the colors to blend would be nice--and I intend to try them larger next time.
I do like Schmincke paints, especially when I'm using pans: they seem to stay moister than others. But I use all kinds, too many, because I can never remember which, say, cobalt, I like the best!
Jim Kosvanec's book, Transparent Watercolor Wheel, lists his favorite brands of each color, and I've largely followed his recommendations.

laura said...

Hi Ruth. They were surprisingly good. Surprising because they weren't local; the Jersey strawberries (and peaches!) are the ones we salivate for!

laura said...

Cathy, If you go to Kosvanec's website, www.kosvanec.com, and click on "materials list" he lists all the colors he uses, followed by brand ...just FYI.

laura said...

Looking at the list, I see he's changed his preferences since his book came out. The website lists a lot of Daniel Smith colors; in the book, as I recall, he listed many more Sennelier, Schmincke and Holbein colors. Just goes to show how preferences/needs change. I had a teacher who alwys used raw sienna, and insisted everyone use it--not quin gold, not ocher--but she's now switched over to ocher herself and swears by it!

Sharon said...

I agree with the others that your vivid use of color is just gorgeous! They look delicious and eating them seems like the perfect finish!


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