Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have a few shells I've picked up down at the bay; usually the shells I find there are broken, which is all right by me--I like to see the inside, the spiraling spine; and I read somewhere that you should only take broken shells, leaving the intact ones for things to live in.
I'm currently using all my mental energy--I have a limited amount each day!--on a big, involving job, but tonight I thought I'd at least do a little something ...
When I first looked at this in person, I was pleased at all the neutral colors; but now that I see it here, it's not very neutral, is it?!
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Annelein said...

Hi Laura,
Wanted to let you know that Royal Blue is a Holbein color and I actually had to go buy some myself yesterday! Nice paintings.

Don said...

It sounds like you are super busy with that big project. How nice to take a break and go for a walk and find those sweet pieces. I love the shadow colors. It's always a good day when I visit your gallery.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh laura, these are just wonderful!!so delicate but so descriptive!!!

laura said...

Thanks, Annalein. I wish just having the same colors would mean I could paint like you! I am a blue addict, though, and look forward to trying a new one.

Hi Don. I have a feeling all your days are good--but thanks!! I'm working on a big Shakespeare book and it's engrossing but draining!

Thanks, Gwen! I wasn't too pleased with this myself, but I like--and will adopt--your word choice: "descriptive" is good!

Ruth said...

The colors are rich, lovely.

I admire your ability/discipline to keep working on your art when you are tired from work.

laura said...

It's not discipline, I don't think, Ruth! Maybe a necessity: I need both!

A Brush with Color said...

Thank you for coming to visit and jotting a note on my blog--I love your paintings! You have a lovely style!! Beautiful images.


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