Sunday, June 22, 2008

day off

Yesterday I took a day off from everything and everyone, including myself: I didn't nag myself about what I should be doing, about everything on my desk. I took my tabletop easel and paints out to the deck, followed by the cats and the dog, and worked on a few Lewes scenes. In between washes, I'd go to the other end of the deck with a glass of wine and read Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth, looking up at the easel now and then. Oddly, because there are small things (the clumps of grass and brush) in them, and because I think my paintings generally look better up close (maybe because they don't usually have high contrast), these paintings looked better from far away.
Blogging favors the closeup view though, so here are the closeups.


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doudy said...

the background colors and the light on the grass are very nicely done.
Oh how I wish that I develop my own style!!! it seems I am copying lots of styles, but ignoring my future own.

laura said...

Hi Doudy. "Style" is a slippery issue. It seems to me everyone 1) wants one of their own and 2) doesn't think they have one. I guess my own take is that you DO have one, you can't help it: your style resides in your own perceptions and interpretations of the physical world + your emotional life + your development of art skills. Your style evolves, with you, incorporating all your influences along the way. You definitely have "style" : I think I can identify a work by Doudy!

Sharon said...

The colors and softness of these are quite beautiful, Laura.


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