Thursday, June 05, 2008

brandywine river



A little stretch of the Brandywine river, done from an old photo, on facing pages of Moleskine sketchbook. Peter and I are in the photo, which was taken by his daughter, Melyssa, who was seven or eight then and is graduating from high school today; we were canoeing and stopped here for a picnic lunch.
I'm trying to become a Moleskine convert ... but the paper's just too absorbent for me; it's best suited, I think, for one-go undisturbed washes.
All week I've felt restless, bored, anxious. I need to get out, in a canoe?

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John Ackerson said...

Just beautiful! So much captured in so small a space!

Suzanne said...

Hey! Great to see the photo! I love the water in the top image. You might want to try the smaller size moleskine watercolor notebook. You may find that, because of the small size, there's less inclination to work it up as much - more inclination to lay things down in one fell swoop. I've really been enjoying your fishing scenes with the watercolor pencil - beautiful work!

Ruth said...

I like seeing you there!

laura said...

Thank you, John. I love your bird paintings; you really capture their intelligence and beauty.

Hi Suzanne. That's a good suggestion; and using the smaller Moleskine would have the added benefit of disciplining me to learn to depict a lot in a few strokes. I like the water in the top one too!

Thanks, Ruth. Melyssa took the picture and, at 7 or 8, was unaware that people shouldn't be photographed from below!! She didn't even give me a chance to put down my sandwich! ;-)

Lindsay said...

Hey, I'm all for canoe trips! Much cheaper than therapy.


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