Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cape Henlopen dune. The sky was supposed to be flat--equal glazes of aureolin, rose madder genuine, and cobalt blue resulting in a glowing neutral; I always have trouble making neutrals!
House on the beach in Lewes. A Hopperesque subject I'd like to do again after looking through my Hopper books ...

Here's my version of the seashells, still in progress: the shells emerge through building up layers of transparent colors, aureolin, rose madder genuine, and cobalt blue. It's time consuming and not for the impatient; but I am impatient and so I cheated a little, adding cobalt violet and burnt sienna.
I really hope my workshop mates will email photos of their seashell paintings; I'd love to show you what they did!
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Suzanne said...

Love the dune. The sky really makes the sand pop.

Ruth said...

I especially love the house, I think you did an outstanding job there.

What an amazing thing, copyediting Russert's book, and receiving a 'thank you' - my goodness! I'm still trying to understand his impact on me. I'll try to articulate it in my response to your comment.

Don said...

I opened the dune painting and just stared at the sky. It opened as a very large picture and the collection of colors throughout the sky was so mesmerizing!

Cathy Gatland said...

Your dunes are so beautiful - and that meandering fence over them in front of the house. Would love to see the other shell paintings of the group, it looks like a good exercise. I have a bag of shells in my studio, maybe I'll try that patience thing too!

Sharon said...

I love the lavender shading on the house.


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