Sunday, May 25, 2008

yesterday's lilies

Yesterday afternoon I had some time to work on these lilies--good thing too, as today many of them are wilted.

Almost done. I'm consciously trying to keep the three lilies in front brighter and more defined, letting those in back fade away a bit, though they're every bit as orange in reality.
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doudy said...

Actually thats very interesting, having the lilies in the back fading...and the front bright!! oh by the way the cherries are very nicely done, yo give me ideas to paint because sometimes I am short of them, especially in a city like Cairo...where there is no really landscapes...only building-scapes.

doudy said...

Oh btw..very nice quotes!!especially monet's

Ruth said...

You are a couple weeks ahead of us, I think, with your lilies, and everything else. Those oranges are very inviting.

shicat said...

So funny, I have been working from photos of my garden lillies from last summer. I have a question.. do you work wet in wet when glazing? What is your pallete? thanks

laura said...

Hi Doudy. There were so many blossoms, I figured It'd be best to concentrate on a few and let the rest not be so important. This is the kind of pre-planning I rarely indulge in!
I find my ideas for subjects have greatly expanded since I've been looking at daily painters' blogs--the variety is amazing, as is what the artists do with their subject!

I love orange, Ruth, and I was pleased with the colors in this, as sometimes mixing oranges can lead to a dullish color. I actually bought these lilies--couldn't resist the color! Mine are still a couple of weeks from blooming: something to look forward to!

Hi Shicat. Lilies are such fun to paint and draw--the shapes, the colors! For these, I used mixes of aureolin, new gamboge, perinone orange, vermilion, and some carmine or quinacridone pink for the darker parts. I work wet on dry, mostly. For the leaves, I painted wet on dry, then dropped some clear water on top to break up the smoothness of the wash a bit. Lilies in wet-on-wet sounds like a good idea though--I may try it!

Annelein said...

Really like the lilies...finally returned the favor of linking your blog on mine! Happy spring.

Don said...

There is something about seeing the works in progress that is so appealing to me! It probably relates to my meyers-briggs score. I am a process person and seeing the lilies in process is something that looks right to me, plus I can get an inkling on how you do that! Eggs are getting mailed either Thursday or Friday.


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