Saturday, May 24, 2008

summer shakedown

Memorial Day: shakedown weekend of the summer. Everyone's been fed and taken off for the beach or to fish. (One of Peter's men, Stevie, caught a 50-pound drumfish last night. I hear they're delicious, and hope to find out later today! I'll post a picture if they took one!)
I find I have too many things to paint and not enough time. The frustration of having too many desirable subjects! Never thought that'd happen: when I first began to paint and draw I was always at a loss for subjects! Now everything's a subject. So it's a good frustration (maybe the only one).

Bristol board cover for my drawing day (June 7) folio. A few of these cherries may need a bit of sprucing up later ...

Drawing of a pot of orange tiger lilies. These aren't the "natural" ones that grow by the side of the road here--blooming in July with the Queen Anne's lace and blue flax; a beautiful roadside bouquet; I did get a few bulbs of those though, and perhaps I'll get lucky in July. Orange tiger lilies are my absolute favorite and made up my wedding bouquet!

BTW: Thanks to all my faithful blogger friends who have commented on my last few posts; I really appreciate your comments and apologize for not taking the time to respond individually ... yet. I'll post post-Memorial Day!

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Tracy Wandling said...

These cherry paintings are absolutely delicious! Love 'em! I'm going to go check out that Drawing Day thing now.

Mineke Reinders said...

Those cherries are delicious, as are their shadows, it's a wonderful cover for your drawing project, Laura! I don't think they need "sprucing up", they look so fresh! I'm with you on the frustration of too many things to paint and not enough time. One of the reasons I got hooked on small daily paintings is that I can do more of them...

Bill Evertson said...

I'm still loving what you are doing with those cherries! You could spend a lifetime painting that and I wouldn't get tired of it!

Don said...

I agree totally with Bill. Those cherries look like they need to be dipped into chocolate! I have a feeling you were at a loss for subjects early on because you now can paint anything, and everything?


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