Thursday, May 01, 2008

pochade shakedown

I'm starting to sort through my mind-numbing assortment of art supplies to pack for my plein-air painting in Delaware next week. Last night I got out my Guerrilla Painter ThumBox, a small pochade box that holds a 6x8 watercolor block, or a larger (here 8x8 but you can also use larger blocks with a bungee cord--but not too large or it'll tip over!) or smaller size (see or if you're interested in finding out more).
It's a useful little box and actually holds quite a lot; there's room for travel brushes, a small water bottle, pencils, spare colors, a wee sketchbook, and some paper towels.
You can use it with a tripod, or not.
It's an adjustment for me to paint reaching over the palette, but, if I can get used to it, I think it will good to be farther away from the paper, less controlling. It's something I don't much think about, but how you hold you brush and how you touch it to the paper really matters; I have old bad habits to break.
It's too bad though that the lid, which holds the block, doesn't swivel around, like the screen of a portable DVD player; that'd be handy!
The little palette holds 14 colors, and I have a pan of raw sienna in there too. The purple in this palette is rather gray and dull and so I'm going to replace it with ultramarine violet.

I've decorated my ThumBox with stickers from the Barnes (I have a larger one, 9x12, with an "I love Pigeon Key" sticker Peter put on it); don't mind the stack of laundry!
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Antony Bridge said...

Excellent, have fun pochade painting.


Don said...

Your ThumBox is a work of art, including the pile of laundry! I hope you have a nice experience with the pochade painting.

laura said...

Hi Antony, thanks for commenting. I see from your blog that you're a very experienced pochade painter; I love your colors--very harmonious!

Thanks, Don. I'm always drawn to "gear"; between me and Peter--an avid boater/fisherman--the garage and shed are overflowing!

Gwen Buchanan said...

what a great assortment you have tucked away in your kit... love to have a set up like that!!!

great idea about the swiveling easel.. hope you have a wonderful plein-air holiday!! and we get to see all your experiences...

lovely looseness in you water scene...


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