Saturday, May 03, 2008

i Kahn

Same scene attempted with Wolf Kahn-ish colors: thalo green, cobalt violet, yellow (though my yellow is too green here; I'd like it better if it were more lemony). The marshes got a little clumpy--I often have trouble making them look like flat receding planes!--but I think I'll try again to make color choices other than the ones I would usually make: it's less automatic, makes me think and no doubt I'll learn more about color.
(This photo's a bit washed out; the darks should be darker. I'll try rephotographing in better light tomorrow.)
My 2008 wall calendar is Wolf Kahn paintings; each month is some spectacular revelation of color. I love this calendar so much I've already pre-ordered my 2009 Wolf Kahn calendar!
(My desk calendar, which I also love, is by Mineke Reinders! Hope you're working on your 2009 calendar, Mineke!)
For the rest of the year, I'll do a watercolor each month using the palette of that month's featured Kahn painting.
May's painting is Kahn's Gray Trunks (oil, 2006): pink, thalo green, orange, gray.
I Googled this painting ("Wolf Kahn Gray Trunks 2006"), couldn't find it--though you can see pages and pages of Wolf Kahn paintings at artnet--but interestingly my blog was the seventh listing! Bizarre.
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Mineke Reinders said...

Interesting to see your two versions side by side, the Wolf Kahn palette gives it a different atmosphere. I will look him up, am not really familiar with his work. Thanks for the mention and reminder about my 2009 calendar, I'd better get started...


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