Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dunes and marshes

I painted this last night and wasn't too pleased; today I connected some of the shapes, adding more grasses and shadows, and I'm satisfied with it now.
In the workshop, Judi Wagner used a sheet of workable acetate to try out changes to a painting: she'd lay the clear acetate over the painting, then paint on it, doing things like darkening values and connecting shapes. I don't have the acetate, but since I wasn't pleased with the painting as it was, figured I had nothing to lose!
This one is wet off the block; did it this evening to distract myself after having yet another problem with my car! Back to the dealer, again, Thursday.
If it's nice out tomorrow I may paint out on the deck, and listen to the catbirds and yellow warblers; another salve to frustrations.
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Villager said...

Lucky you, going to these workshops, I hope to do the same one day - I have a lot to learn. You have a great watercolor site, I will keep coming by.

Cathy Gatland said...

Your watercolours are beautiful - love that soft sand-dune - painting is a really constructive way to get away from car hassles! Did Judi paint on acetate with w/cs, or acrylics? sounds like a good idea.

Ruth said...

Oh, so the acetate is like layers on PhotoShop, which I have not figured out yet. I need my daughter to teach me. The top painting is soothing and very pleasing.

Cars are a necessary evil as far as I'm concerned. Hope yours is fixed soon.

raffaele marinetti said...

beautiful watercolor art in your blog..


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