Saturday, May 10, 2008

days 2 & 3: outside in Lewes

I missed the first day of the workshop, which was really a shame because the class was huge--21 people!--and I never really got everyone's names.
Disclaimer: I'm going to point out what I dislike these paintings (workshops are very critiquey) but I'm not taking my criticisms personally! ;-)
I'm not so attached to the results when I paint in a workshop; I've done a few and have learned that, for various reasons known and unknown, I, like many others, don't do my best work in them.

Tuesday was sunny and we went to the grounds of the Lewes Historical Society; the light through the trees was dramatic. All the grass and trees were overwhelming so I chose a simple subject to start. I'm disappointed with the clunkiness of this first effort, but--excuse #1: I was sitting in the sun: always a mistake--hard to see and the paint dries too quickly. But really, it's a pretty boring composition--too horizontal; I liked it better as a drawing (I draw trees better than I paint them).

(Freddie's Barn, 11x15)

After lunch I started another, more complicated, subject, drawn by the shadows on the facade, but didn't have time to finish before critique. These shapes make me think of Charles Sheeler and Charles Demuth; maybe looking at some of their works will inspire me to finish this one.
The next day was also sunny and the class went to Pilottown, a section of Lewes on the canal. All the houses on the road have docks and little boathouses, all enviably adorable.
This second painting has some perspective, scale, and value problems: I'm giving myself a pass though--excuse #2--because the gnats were out and biting and maddening. If I recall, we left early and went back to Shelby's for a beer before critique!


Don said...

Your work always looks so refreshing to me! I enjoyed browsing through your gallery this morning. I imagine that painting at a "clinic" in front of strangers would be a little stressful! However from my vantage point you score an "A!"

laura said...

Thank you for the A, Don! What I like about workshops--or "clinics"; I never thought of it that way, but you're right--is seeing new placing and the work of other painters; it usually takes awhile for any of the things I've learned to work their way into my practice.

Bill Evertson said...

Happy Mothers Day - I bet the workshop was actually invigorating, a time to stretch, let your (short comings?) be critiqued. I love your sketches of peoples. As always, I'm in love with the passion you place in the art and craft. Best - Bill

laura said...

It was, Bill. It's always great to paint with other people--to talk painting and gear and see what they do. And the critique is usually the best part; it's very valuable.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I am so enjoying all the exploring you did on your workshop... that must have been such a release... time to play... and have a beer.. how great is that!!


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