Monday, May 19, 2008

cherries and my darling

I can't believe I've never painted a cherry before--they're so pretty. This attempt is a bit tentative--I wanted to get/keep the reflected light at the bottoms of the cherries, but these are maybe too small (slightly smaller than lifesize) to strive for such details.


A page of drawings of my darling Nanda (named for a Henry James heroine); she's 20-plus pounds of pure sweetness, and hair. "That's a lot to love," the vet says. (Double click on the drawing to see it close up.) The drawing on the upper left was made with a drying out felt-tip pen; I tried to blend some of the lines with water, but, alas, the ink's not water soluble. The other two are pencil, light and blunt; again, I had a problem using what was at hand: a piece of lead shaped like a seashell--a better curio than drawing tool!
Trying out some drawing materials in preparation for June 7--drawing day! Read about it at
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Ruth said...

She IS darling, and the cherries are scrumptuous.

Dana Jones said...

that looks like my Daisy!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Cherries and kitties... I love them both!

the light and life you achieved in the cherries ,,, beautiful... I have never tried cherries before either.

...and the lines on the body of your pet and little foot...and the expression on its face... and the way she is curled... your drawing is so satisfying... Laura!!!


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