Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today I began my pre-Memorial Day spruce-up. With all the construction projects going on here, cleaning involves hiding power tools and dusting literally everything for spackle dust. I currently have no furniture in the living room, so we'll be spending the weekend on the decks!
Between chores, I managed these wee dune scenes, trying out a new, very small pocket set of colors. These little sets are so ingenious; I can't resist them.
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Don said...

Home construction is exciting, at first. Then the dust comes and then the time schedule changes again, and again. I'm glad to hear that you have a place to go. Your paintings are so nice, I just sit and look at them and marvel at how you can take a brush and make it do what you see inside.

Mineke Reinders said...

Yes, I marvel too, at the way you manage to paint amid power tools, dust, and disruption, and make it look so fresh and relaxed. These are delightful little studies, I am especially drawn to the shadows!

laura said...

Thank you, Don! You sit and marvel--I can't believe it ;-) I'm flattered you spend some portion of your relaxing time looking at my paintings.
And you're so right about the construction. Very nice work has been done, but I never feel we're any closer to "the finish"!

Thanks, Mineke. I shut myself in my room! But I hope to do more painting on the deck now. I usually think the paintings look better on the blog than in real life, these two small studies being the exception; they're actually nicer in person! (she said immodestly)


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