Friday, January 18, 2008

Worked on this a bit today--as you see, it didn't turn out to be a snowscene, though I may try another ... Here, I was just trying to make different color choices than I normally would, more warm neutrals. Some strengthening up of the darks may be to come. (PS, if you double-click on the painting, you'll get, or should get, a blown-up version, in which you can see the "messy" and unresolved nature of the brushstrokes--something that it really pleases me to see, since I often think I am too careful, having first learned to make watercolors by applying controlled washes.)

Joining a new studio group next week; we'll meet and work on still lifes. I bought a new palette--40 wells!--and am now consumed with thinking of what colors to fill it with!
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Parapluie said...

Thank you for commenting on my very experimental watercolor/acrylic medium technique. I very much like the direction of your work. I think you would enjoy my favorite book on watercolor - "A Passion for Watercolor, painting the inner experience" by Stefan Draughon. ISBN 0-8230-0102-4


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