Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two pages torn from my Moleskine watercolor notebook. I did these last spring when I first got the notebook and wasn't happy with them, so I tossed the notebook to back of the closet. I'm thinking now maybe it wasn't the notebook's fault! I wasn't painting a lot then and may have been trying too hard--a sure way to disappointment. But I'm going to give Moleskine another try.

(These are two of my cats: Nanda, who looks considerably slimmer here than in real life, and Smilla, who looks considerably more sedate. Carlos wasn't attempted because he's striped!) If you want to see some truly lovely, amazing paintings of cats, you should go directly to and look at her 2008 cat calendar. I ordered one from her site so I can look at these paintings every day.
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Suzanne said...

Fantastic, Laura! You did a fabulous job with the kitty cats. They're both lovely but the black one is really superb - especially the red collar and the background setting.

doudy said...

I will digg up, the meaning of "Moleskine" is it a kind of paper ?? anyway the cats look great, & and the landscape also well done :)

Mineke Reinders said...

These sketches are lovely, Laura! Your kitties look great and I love the background colors. The landscape is wonderful, too. So fresh, I can feel the wind. Love that bit of purple in the trees!
You are very kind to mention my calendar :) Thanks!

doudy said...

Your header painting is very nice, inspires me... when I see your work I realise that I have a lot a lot a lot to learn.. but its not a negative feeling ... Its rather nice to know that I will keep discovering things a long the way :)

laura said...

Thank you, everyone; I appreciate the encouragement, and the fresh eyes! And thanks, Doudy, that is a very nice thing to say--I know that feeling too--and you express it so well!


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