Tuesday, January 29, 2008

more pink ladies

Sunday I went back to the first go, trying to minimize what seems, more and more, to be the almost comic dominance of the pink and black flower on the left. Not really enjoying fixer-uppers, that night I took a spontaneous approach, painting pretty wet and without drawing. For the third, and to me most successful, try, yesterday, I got out my hot press paper, hoping it'd help with the apples. I'm not sure the apples are all I hoped for, but, standing back, I was surprised to see how I'd altered the composition and made the painting so much better by a serendipitous repositioning of the fabric. To me now the subject's not the apples but the movement of red and white.
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doudy said...

I can almost taste the apples..WOW
delicious painting !!

Suzanne said...

Number 2 is my most favorite because it strikes me as the most natural, best flow, best nestled apples. A subjective two cents!


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