Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flush with yesterday's "success," I decided to try a while bowl on a striped dishcloth ... Not so successful! It's hard for me to paint whites; I lean too heavily on blue ... Will try again (someday!). (It's excuse making, but, nonetheless, I was trying out a sheet of Winsor & Newton paper here and have to say I really did not like it: the surface is very "scratchy"--I felt like I had to force the paint onto it, and then the paint didn't flow or run, something which I count on!)

Turning from this frustrating effort I saw Smilla sitting on the windowsill and did these quick "Smillouettes."
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Suzanne said...

New and unfamiliar paper can be exTREMEly frustrating! I really like the stripes of the towel. The smilla silhouettes are magnificent! I especially like the one at 9 o'clock where the watermark forms the spinal area.

laura said...

Thanks, Suzanne: I should make a note not to use new paper for something I spent time sketching first.
It's wonderful when "blooms" occur just where they should ... I could have never made that happen, but it makes the sketch.


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