Monday, March 25, 2019

going big

My good friends bought a house in Fla., and they have big expanses of wall to fill.
So, I am going to try to do a big painting for them; I thought some tropical-foliage-type theme would be appropriate and maybe easier for me to paint, if I could break it down into smaller shapes ...
This is my first try, first wash.
Kind of a mess, eh? So many times I was going to stop, but then I decided to keep going and see, once the painting dried, if maybe I could "fix" it with a second pass.
Either way, it's, I hope, a learning experience.
The second drawing I have is of canna lilies.


RH Carpenter said...

I don’t think this is a mess at all - just a bit more layering and maybe use white acrylic for the spines that stick out? I hope you haven’t given up on it!

laura said...

No, I haven't given up (yet)!

laura said...

Oh! I forgot about the spines! Just the thing for my white ink gel pen!

Barbra Joan said...

Well, good to see you back Laura.. Love your oystercatcher below.. I did paint two of them a few years ago... Yours is much better ..

As for your attempt at a large painting for your friend... I know you can do it.... Actually the one you have here is very good. And yes, tropics are always a good subject... So many times I've attempted 'big' and just one that I'm happy with..
Like you I've not painted much lately, but it's time to get it going.
My art journal making takes up my time.. LOL> ! I need another whole life !!

Barbara Muir said...

Love it. Don't knock yourself please! You are a miracle with