Wednesday, September 19, 2018

North beach, fort de soto

Painted the top one on location, finished (such as it is) the bottom one at home.
My friend Mike and I pulled our kayaks into the shade, popped open a beer, and painted a bit.
So I can hardly complain ...
But, I am never happy with my dappled shadows ... these are too dark, and too vibrantly purple!

Subjects to study (thus far): palm trees, dappled shadows


Janet Werdin said...

Lovely loose watercolors, so often mine get tight and controlled. I love the light and shadows on your top painting.

RH Carpenter said...

Nice and loose :). If you don’t like your purple shadows, think about dropping in other colors while the shadow shapes are wet and let the colors bleed. You know that so hope my comment doesn’t offend. It’s like having new eyes on a subject and they see the one spot that’s off where we didn’t because, well, we are too in love with the watercolor painting as we do it to see that spot :).

laura said...

Thank you, Janet!

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. No offense--you know I am open to criticism and suggestions!
You are absolutely right about dropping in another color ... It's a thing I "know" but forget in the heat of the moment!
I took a bunch of photos of dappled shadows on my bike ride yesterday and plan to do some practice with them. I'll share the photos as soon as I can--experiencing some technical difficulties!