Wednesday, September 12, 2018

damp paper :-(

 No plan/inspiration today, so I decided to make up some dune grasses ... It quickly became apparent that the paper was defective, very absorbent. I've had this problem before; I think it may have to do with dampness + age. Perhaps it's a kind of mildew? I live in a humid area and this summer has been especially bad. I am feeling mildewed myself.
Going to keep my paper in large ziplock bags, as I do my yarn, and see if it helps.


RH Carpenter said...

Sorry about the paper but I like the painting = good imagination to create the dunes :)

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. I saw right away the paper was defective, but for some reason kept painting!

Barbra Joan said...

Sometimes defects can add to it.. well maybe ?
Very humid down here too, sometimes my paper does have that 'limp' feel.
As to your palms (below), a few darks would have added something, but they are still very natural looking..

laura said...

I agree, sometimes the defects can be interesting ... as long as you don't feel they are working against you. I try to stay open to letting the paint surprise me!