Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sunday project

Working on making a few little watercolor journals: two with Coptic binding, one with a simple Japanese stab binding.
Also, a little contour drawing. 


Meera Rao said...

Love the contour drawing /painting! Make your own journals look good - some day i will do one !!!

laura said...

Thank you, Meera.
The journals were really quite easy; making the holes is the most important part.
Lots of free tutorials on sewing bindings on the internet

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, if you've caught the bug then your in for a time ! Through the years I started this obsession and still love it.. Haven't gotten into any fancy bindings, but stick to coptic and Japanese stabs mostly.

I'll be posting a few on my blog soon.
After the Irma problem I need something else to think about.


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