Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daffodils ...

The current challenge at Peintures de Evhi.
A week ago today I adopted three cats. One still runs away every time she sees me, but I'll win her over.


RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful bouquets! But 3 cats at once? You're either very brave or very crazy! ha ha

debwardart said...

Love the kitties! She didn't run away when you took her photo, tho! Are they all from the same litter? In the past we have found that adopting 2 from the same litter works well - they each have a pal they know (and sometimes love!) and there are an even number of laps and cats in the house!! This photo makes me want cats again!
I also love the magnolia on the previous post, which I somehow missed. It's beautiful. Too bad about the crazy weather you had on the east coast this winter.

laura said...

The two white ones, Arya and Sansa, are sisters. I picked up the third, Gilly, on a whim. Such a sweet cat.
There was some hissing the first day, but all's well now. I'm very pleased with how they all get along!
A few years back, I had four cats and a dog but, over time, they all succumbed to old age.
I'd been without a cat since November--the longest stretch since I was four years old!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

How wonderful! We have two cats and a dog, and I don't think
I could live without either. Cats have been my primary pets until
we got our dog Zoey, who lived to be almost 14, and then we got
Sally the dog .

Love, love, love the daffodil paintings. They are lovely.


Barbra Joan said...

Well! someone like me.. although there are lots of us on the planet.
I've never had a cat that I didn't find. !!! and then they live to be 16/17... lol !