Monday, October 06, 2014

willow creek

Painted on location at willow Creek Winery in West Cape May.
It was a beautiful day and always a fun challenge to paint outdoors ... Still trying to find the way to paint trees! Perhaps that's a lifelong endeavor.


Polly Birchall said...

Trees can be a nightmare but these are great and love the bark.

Barbra Joan said...

These look like TREES to me..
This too has been my problem, that's why I'm taking my 'first ever' workshop in a few weeks..
Landscapes with trees has never been good for me.. I think the less put in the better... but then again what do I know ? LOL
Thanks so much for visiting and your encouraging words. YOU have always been an inspiration to me... You were missed . Barbra Joan

RH Carpenter said...

I agree, they look like trees and have some great texture and color on them. Perhaps paint a tree a week to get in the habit of seeing the shapes? I like what you're doing with them = not too loose or too tight.


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