Saturday, May 03, 2014

more lilies

Another Easter lily painting, in progress, on my easel.
Over the last few days, several more flowers have opened up--I think there are five!--so I've got to get busy sketching those before they're kaput.

This is the painting from a week or so ago.  I thought to try lightly outlining the flower with a blue watercolor pencil and then pull the color out ... But, after applying the pencil, I realized I had not used the water-soluble ones! Had to wash in some watercolor ... and just stopped here.
After that, I thought, for my next one, I'd add a background first, to help me define the white flowers. Idea good, execution not so much: I should have used the background to establish a value pattern ... Right now it just looks a mess! Haven't decided whether to go on or not. It is light, so I guess I could add a darker background. I don't know: sometimes I just think something's not worth saving.


RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful greens and blossoms in the greens a la Carol Carter ;). Both of the bottom ones are worth saving. I would just continue that blue in a swath across the page and not put any blue anywhere else - like a cloud of blue or a peek of blue sky in a cloud-filled sky! And I would definitely play with the third one and see if I could create the lilies and greens from that really ice background. You are going to town on these!

Mrs A said...

I'm enjoying your journey with lilies. They are such wonderful shapes! Mrs A

Joyfulartist said...

Very worth saving and completing all of them. You always learn something even if the painting isn't "show worthy".

debwardart said...

Keep going - they all go through that "awful teenage stage" and look bad, you just have to persevere!


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