Sunday, May 11, 2014

mel stabin, days 3 & 4

 More starting and even less finishing on these two days.

I pulled this one off the block in frustration because I was unhappy with the reflection in the water. 

Here's Mel's demo showing reflections in water:

 For this one I went smaller, with not such dramatic reflections.
I got another, below, started, but then it was happy hour.

This is from a photo I took, and I was a little frustrated because I knew something was "wrong," but I didn't know what--until I photographed it and saw that the right eye is not in the right place!
Here's Mel's demo:

And my final attempt:
This is from one of Mel's great reference photos. I put in all the midtones wet in wet, as Mel does, making things that are the same value--like the man's legs and their shadow--one shape. Started to pick out some details ...


cathyswatercolors said...

Not a bad one in the bunch.

Liana Yarckin said...

how lucky to study with Mel Stabin. your results look good. believe it or not, i am drawn to the second one on the last post with the large white building. it must be a good shape. all i know when i look at all of them, that's the one i want to keep looking at.

Polly Birchall said...

Don't know why you are so unhappy with your paintings. It's always harder to work on a course, when I think you try too hard.

debwardart said...

Laura, all very good job. His style suits your loose style, so a good fit for a w/s - and looks like you learned a lot from the experience.

Barbara Muir said...

More beauties.

XOXOXO Barbara