Wednesday, January 04, 2012


(10x14, pencil)

Feeling very unenergetic lately and unable to get to the paints, but from now on when I feel that way, I'm going to try a little drawing.
The pencil drawing is my blanket: I enjoy just starting at one end and working my across.
Below is my cat Smilla sitting on the railing in various poses: it's a challenge for me get her contour as she is never still for long.
Drawing it turns out is a pleasure in itself and not solely a substitute for painting.
(10x14, black pen)
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Katherine Thomas said...

I love how you did that blanket with such softness and flow!

Barbra Joan said...

Hi Laura, drawing is definetly a good thing when we don't feel up to painting.. As you can see I haven't done much either.. ( paper playing) thanks for coming by..
BJ said...

I agree with your thougths about drawing. It always feels good and I just don't do enough.
try some B complex for some needed energy. It works for me
peace n abundance,

Judith Mercado said...

That blanket looks alive. Love your work.

Charlene Brown said...

Lovely glimpse of philosophy here! Reading your blog often seems like having a good friend in the room when you need some inspiration!

Diana said...

lovely, Laura, our kitty is old so she doesn't move so much. I esp. love your kitty captures their energy. take care,Diana


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